A New Start

Wow, my first blog post. It feels quite strange and unnerving. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because of the unknown. The unknowns of who might be looking, if anyone. Who wants to see my opinion on things? So many worries. But why? Maybe its because there are so few unknowns these days. Gone are the days of not knowing who is on the other end of the phone, or who may be writing to you. In these times of caller id and email, we are given a heads up on everything. Not too many surprises.

So delving into the world of online shopping was another total unknown to me. I had only had a very brief stint working in Grace Bros. (now Myers) as a teenager and another short time in a bakery. Other than that, selling things has been a fear of mine. I was frozen with fear selling my car. My husband ended up having to deal with the prospective purchasers. Crazy I know!

That whole haggling thing doesn’t sit well with me. Makes me quite uncomfortable. Which is why purchasing an online store was quite an “out there” decision for me. I have barely shopped online, let alone know much about the online shopping arena. I have helped build eCommerce sites in my life as a web developer. But never had to “use” one.

This all changed when I came 7 years ago my days of strolling thru stores at a leisurely pace changed. My beautiful daughter Lilly was born. Suddenly sitting in the comfort of my own home, away from the noise, hustle & bustle and plethora of coughs and sneezing flowing thru the shopping centers in Canberra in the middle of winter didn’t seem so appealing. Welcome to online shopping!

My son Jett was born almost 2 years ago and again I found sanctuary in the peace and quiet of my own home when I needed to purchase most things for the household. Bliss!

In April this year I came across a post from a site that I had “Liked” on Facebook. The post stated that my Liked business had not sold, so it was to be no more. Stock was to be sold off and that was that.

This post sang to me. I loved the website, and being home with Jett, and Lilly at school, I thought why not. And indeed why not? Why not take the leap and try something new. I’m always up for a challenge, especially in business.

So I’m now the proud owner of www.bizzybubsaustralia.com! Getting to know the ins and outs of online retailing has been a steep learning curve and an adventure at the same time. Its an exciting time for me getting to personally know all the products that we stock and getting to know the current website and most importantly getting to know the Bizzy Bubs Australia customers. Luckily I have two very enthusiastic helpers, more than willing to help rip open boxes and check out all of the new products.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by, and while you’re at it why not drop in to Bizzy Bubs Australia and have a look around and let me know what you think!

Take care,

As Spring Approaches

Those cold days are slowly starting to drift away and that sunshine is appearing. Oh how I love this time of the year. A lot has been happening with Bizzy Bubs over the past month, and I (Emma) am very glad to be back. I’ve been so excited about getting back into it nothing could steal my thunder!

Until! I started an avalanche at the supermarket this morning yes I was chasing Apples just because I wanted that particular one. Luckily I had some lovely ladies come to my rescue. So I dusted all the bad vibes off and decided to walk the puppies in the sun. I’m not sure that was meant to be either as of course one just happened to be bitten by a green ant, she wasn’t going anywhere until she saw fit, and the pain had ended. I do have to admit sitting there waiting was very peaceful as peaceful as sitting on the side of the road can be. So after my start to the day I have decided writing a new blog entry is possibly the safest bet and to avoid all activities out of the house until the school run begins.

Lovely Steph has been a very busy lady over the last few months! As a busy Mum goes I think she’s my hero :P Thanks to Steph we will see some more new exciting products appearing. As well as some exciting sale days and competitions coming into place. We are both very excited about this and hope you all enjoy what’s coming!

Once again a big THANK YOU to our Facebook Fans, our past customers, our families, our wonderful brands and everyone that has supported as! We appreciate you all!


Oh What a Start to 2011!

Wow what a crazy start to our year. We have had so much happen. A huge End to last Year with our 12 Days of Christmas promotion and the Close of Our old Website. We moved to our New Site in Feb and we couldn’t be happier. The New site is awesome so much Brighter and More Modern then the old one. We Love it. We attended Kids in Style in Sydney. We Met some Great People and Had a Blast. Some huge things on the Horizon for us now. We have had many new and exciting brands jump on board. We have taken part in the Qld Flood Auction though Wholesale Baby, the AASS Auction and Very recently donated to the SIDS and Kids Charity Auction – in Memory of Princess Lilli. We are looking forward to Winter and some great Clothing Ranges and Hoping to get on Board with many more charities in the coming months.. All in all we are having a great time and are enjoying waking up every day to meet new people… We will be endeavouring to Blog once a week to let you know how we are doing and keep you up to date with our current events. Please follow us around Jump on our Facebook Page and we will write to you again soon XOXO Steph.