As Spring Approaches

Those cold days are slowly starting to drift away and that sunshine is appearing. Oh how I love this time of the year. A lot has been happening with Bizzy Bubs over the past month, and I (Emma) am very glad to be back. I’ve been so excited about getting back into it nothing could steal my thunder!

Until! I started an avalanche at the supermarket this morning yes I was chasing Apples just because I wanted that particular one. Luckily I had some lovely ladies come to my rescue. So I dusted all the bad vibes off and decided to walk the puppies in the sun. I’m not sure that was meant to be either as of course one just happened to be bitten by a green ant, she wasn’t going anywhere until she saw fit, and the pain had ended. I do have to admit sitting there waiting was very peaceful as peaceful as sitting on the side of the road can be. So after my start to the day I have decided writing a new blog entry is possibly the safest bet and to avoid all activities out of the house until the school run begins.

Lovely Steph has been a very busy lady over the last few months! As a busy Mum goes I think she’s my hero :P Thanks to Steph we will see some more new exciting products appearing. As well as some exciting sale days and competitions coming into place. We are both very excited about this and hope you all enjoy what’s coming!

Once again a big THANK YOU to our Facebook Fans, our past customers, our families, our wonderful brands and everyone that has supported as! We appreciate you all!