Slumbersac Sleeping Bags

High quality, safe and comfortable, unique designs at affordable prices

Slumbersac baby sleeping bags ensure that your baby stays warm and cosy throughout the night. Made from the best quality materials, our beautifully soft and safe sleeping bags will help to make sure that your baby gets the sleep they need to give them the best start in life.

Benefits of baby sleeping bags

Helps your baby to maintain a constant temperature throughout the night

Research shows that when using conventional bedding, babies tend to get too cold or too warm. This is because as a baby wriggles about, his sheets and blankets no longer cover him evenly. A Slumbersac baby sleeping bag makes it easy to ensure that your baby remains at a constant temperature all night, because no matter how much he moves, he remains covered evenly across his body. Slumbersac sleeping bags also eliminate the need for any other top covers.

Part of baby’s bedtime routine

A sleeping bag can help your baby settle when used as part of the bedtime routine. Just put baby into her sleep sack half an hour or so before bed time, and she’ll be calm and ready to sleep when you put her down.

Quality sleep

Recent research has confirmed what many parents already know – quality sleep is vital for your health and well being! Because they help baby to sleep better, Slumbersac sleeping bags also help tired mums and dads to get a better night’s sleep too!

Peace of mind

Knowing your baby will be warm, safe and comfortable helps to take the worry out of sleep times.

About Slumbersac Sleeping Bags

All Slumbersac baby sleeping bags are of exceptional quality and are exclusively designed for Slumbersac. Simply put your baby into their sleep sack when they are ready for bed and pop them into a Moses basket or cot. No need to use any blankets or duvets.


All our baby sleeping bags are rigorously tested to meet high quality and safety standards, and lined with 100% pure cotton for breathability and comfort. The filling is made from soft polyester fleece to prevent allergies and movement of the materials within the bag.


Our exclusive sleeping bags are designed in the UK by our in-house design team, featuring a wide range of beautiful embroideries, appliqués and prints to suit boys and girls, and to coordinate with baby’s nursery.

Simply choose your favourite design from our range displayed here.

Slumbersac Sleeping Bags ~ Size Chart

Size || Height || Weight || Age **

– Size 1 || 70cm || 4kg/8.5lbs || 0-6 months
– Size 2 || 90cm || 8kg/17.5lbs || 6-18 months
– Size 3 || adjustable 90-110cm || 11kg/24lbs || 1-3 years
– Size 4 || 130cm || TBC || 3-6 years

What does TOG mean?

The weight or thickness of a sleeping bag is indicated by its tog value; the higher the tog value, the thicker the bag. The general rule here is that you should use thinner sleeping bags in the summer and thicker ones in the winter. Please follow our recommendations to determine the correct TOG to choose at which temperature.

0.5 tog summer sleeping bags are completely unpadded and for use in hot summer months, suitable for room temperatures above 24 degrees.
1.0 tog sleeping bags are slightly padded and for general year-round use in rooms between 19 to 24 degrees, suitable for cooler summer nights and warmer winter nights.
2.5 tog sleeping bags are padded and for use in the colder winter months, suitable for room temperatures between 15-21 degrees.
3.5 tog sleeping bags are very well padded and for use in very cold locations, suitable for room temperatures below 18 degrees.

Slumbersac Sleeping Bags ~ Sleepwear Guide

Could my child become too hot?

As long as the room is at a safe temperature and the right tog sleeping bag is used, there is no danger of children overheating. Never use any clothing with hoods and avoid using additional sheets or blankets. The only additional bedding required is a sheet for the mattress. For more safety information, please contact us.

Side Zips, Centre Zips or Shoulder

Some designs do have centre zips on all sizes; however some of the smaller sizes have side zips which are designed to make for easy access when changing your child during the night. As children become bigger and stronger there is a risk they can force open the ‘snaps’ at the shoulder so we use centre zips without snaps on size 3. All sizes of travel bags have a two-way centre zip to facilitate harness fixing.