Baby Beanbags Caramel Fudge

Baby Beanbags are a comfortable, high quality and innovative seating option for your baby. The soft fabric outer, bean filling and swappable covers provide a cosy, safe and flexible rocker alternative for your child from birth to school age. Baby Beanbags are portable, easy to clean, offer a wide range of health benefits to you and your children and years of use from newborn to toddler. They feel just like a hug from Mum.

Baby Bean Bags have shown to help relieve painful reflux symptoms and avoid distress for your newborn. By moving the beans to the back of your Baby Bean Bag creates a more upright position to help keep reflux at bay.

Some newborns suffer flattening of the head from spending so much time lying down. Baby Beanbag microbeans provide support by moulding to your baby’s head without causing the pressure of other surfaces which can contribute to Flat Head Syndrome.

Baby Beanbags are great value thanks to the many years of use your child will receive. Your newborn gets the support and safety they need from the harness cover and the harness-free cover creates a beanbag for your child to use until school age (30kg).

Babies love to feel comfortable and secure. The combination of beans and ultra soft exterior ensures your Baby Beanbag moulds into a supremely comfortable and secure position for your child.

The bean filling makes Baby Beanbags extremely stable and since the double safety zipper cannot be opened without a paper clip the filling remains out of harms way safely within the bag.

The light weight design allows you to move the baby without disturbing them. The shoulder strap makes it easy to take the beanbag anywhere with free hands; something especially useful for the PVC Beanbags since they can be used indoors or outdoors.

Baby Beanbags are durable and easy to clean. Both covers have a waterproof underside for any little accidents, are hand and machine washable and the PVC beanbags can be wiped clean with a cloth.

The Beanbag’s seat covers are available in a variety of colours to suit your tastes, which means you can change the style and prolong the beanbag’s life.

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