Foster Mind Affirmation Posters

Inspirational messages with the power to shape exceptional minds!

FosterMind affirmation posters will boost your child’s feeling of self-confidence and inner strength, while building a positive self belief to last a lifetime! FosterMind affirmation posters offers a creative way for parents to help children gain self-esteem and build character for a successful and fulfilling life.

The package includes 30 posters printed on a high quality paper 11X17 in size, and over 120 removable glue dots for easy set up on the walls.

To use FosterMind place the inspirational posters straetically around the upper perimeter of your child’s bedroom walls. Make it a ritual each and every evening, when your child is completely relaxed and about to fall asleep, to repeat their postive affirmations. All thoughts that are passed onto the subconsious, regularly have the power to convince the mind that they are true. Instil in your child a postive belief system from an early age, and they will accomplish their wildest dreams.

As the late author James Allen once wrote: “a man is what he thinks he is.” We as human beings have unbelievable potential to transform the world into a positive and amazing planet. This product helps you to inspire them to greatness!!

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