Pink/White Toe Ballet Flat

When infants learn to stand and take those first steps, muscles in the feet grip the floor with toes separating to develop balance and control. It is for this reason that paediatricians recommend that children go barefoot as much as possible up to two years of age for proper foot and muscular development.

Barefoot isn’t always practical so flexible soft sole shoes like our Charli Bear shoes are recommended and are considered to be the next best thing to bare feet. Soft sole shoes allow toddlers to grip the floor enabling them to develop strong ankles and flexible foot bones without restriction.

With this in mind, Charli Bear have developed these practical, afforadable shoes for your little bear’s feet.

Your little bear will be running around in no time with our gorgeous Charli Bear childrens shoe range. Our leather Charli Bear childrens shoes feature a leather sole with rubber non slip pads which will ensure that he has grip when exploring!. Charli Bear childrens shoes are Adorable and practical for everyday wear or going out.

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