Pudgy Rattles

Hand crocheted by women working from home in Shanghai, China. Unique pudgy rattles feature
lovable characters with soft, huggable bodies perfect for your little ones tiny hands! Woven with
brightly coloured pesticide‐free bamboo rayon thread, stuffed with natural corn fibre filling. Adorable
and machine-washable.

Materials: Bamboo thread. Corn fibre filling.
Dimensions: Approx 11.5cm tall.

Flower: Baby loves me, baby loves me not, baby loves me… Our sweet flower requires love, attention and
lots of playtime! Sized just right for all of the above, your baby can rattle and teethe to her hearts
Mushroom: Grow little mushroom! Grow! Mushrooms are the perfect shape for a rattle! And now your baby can
have its very own. Made with silky bamboo thread in cherry red, creamy white and chocolate brown.
Who’s hungry for dessert?
Tree: Once there was a tree … and it loved little babies. Every day the babies would teethe and shake and
hold the tree. And the babies loved the tree! And the tree was happy!
Wand: Dreams do come true… Finally, a magical wand that soothes babies gums and delights them with a
sweet little rattle. Now, if it only changed nappies too!

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