Roly Poly Rattles

Hand crocheted by women working from home in Shanghai, China. Unique roly poly rattles feature
lovable characters with soft, huggable bodies perfect for your little ones tiny hands! Woven with
brightly coloured pesticide‐free bamboo rayon thread, stuffed with natural corn fibre filling. Adorable
and machine-washable.

Materials: Bamboo thread. Corn fibre filling.
Dimensions: Approx 9cm tall.
Some suggestions from Dandelion for web-site descriptions for each of the Roly Poly Rattles.

Bee: Buzz, buzz, buzz …. on the go with lots to do! Bee has the stuffing to keep up with the most active
child. Sized right for the tiniest of hands with wings and antennae to nibble on.
Cow: How about some cow tipping? … or rolling or rattling or nibbling. Either way, Cow is ready for some
fun in the fields. And, since Cow is sized just right for tiny hands, your child can bring this buxom
bovine on countless adventures.
Fish: Under the sea … cute little fish is eager to play! Always smiling, this playful chap enjoys tummy time
with the tiniest landlubbers. Its teensy-weensy fins are perfect for grabbing and teething.
Frog: Ribbit! Ribbit! Frog loves to move … which makes him perfect for the baby who loves to play. And
his eyes and feet are perfect for teething too! FYI, he’s a little ticklish!
Koala: Koala has the perfect nose for nuzzling and BIG ears for nibbling! Speaking of nibbling, be sure to
stock up on gum leaves for this hungry house guest.
Ladybug: Lovely Little Ladybug. Ladybug is a great guide for your child’s mini adventures, inside and out. Her
bright spots and contrasting colours will give your tiny explorer something to coo over.
Owl: Cuteness x 10! The perfect playmate, day … AND night! Eager to explore the world beyond the nest,
Owl is looking for a pint-sized playmate. And wouldn’t you know it, Owl’s wings and cowlick are
perfect for grasping and teething.
Panda: Prepare for Panda-monium! This roly poly pal is all about fun! Plus, the Panda’s black and white
spots make this charming chap easy for infants to see.
Pig: Pretty in Pink … Pig is always ready to get its snout dirty! So dive in and grab this roly poly piglet for
your baby. Perfect for rattling, teething and horsing around … or, er, pigging around?
Rooster: Rise and shine! Start your child’s day with this early riser. Your child will crow over Rooster’s comb
and wings. They’re just right for teething!

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