Sleepy Wings

Sleepy Wings is an innovative, easy to use sleep swaddling jacket that takes seconds to put on.

Designed to only cover a baby’s arms, Sleepy Wings are ideal for all seasons.

When sleeping safely on their back, a baby’s preferred sleep position is to have their hands up beside their face. Sleepy Wings allows a baby to comfort themselves with access to their mouth to self sooth, reducing their startling reflex and scratching.

SMALL – Ideal for NEWBORN babies from 3kgs up. Designed to fit a baby from birth to approximately 3 to 4 months of age approximately 6 kgs in weight. However if you are starting your baby in sleepy wings from 5kgs, we suggest you purchase the next size up (Large) so you get more wear!

LARGE – Ideal for baby from 6kgs to 10kgs (from approximately 4 to 10 months of age)

X LARGE – For babies that are 10kgs plus.

The unique design of the oval shaped ribbed opening is the arm holes for both left and right arms. This ribbed opening provides a snug fit against the baby’s shoulders and back.

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